23 Jan 2017

2k17 resolution.


Hello earthlings, long time no post. I just finished my first semester here. Yeah, I forgot to let you guys know I continued my studies. Apparently, after I did all transfer credits I skipped to 2nd year, now that's a good thing isn't it? Can't wait to finish my degree to be honest 'cause I can already tell you it's going to be exhausting next semester. 

Let's talk about my resolution shall we? The important ones. I mean, if we're gonna discuss the whole thing, you're going to die.

1. Maintain 3.0 GPA every semester

It's not that impossible to achieve 3.5 GPA for every semester. (you can if you try hard) I just don't want to get my hope up. If we already set our target and somehow not achieve it I'm afraid to think how do I face the world. At the very least, I set up my safest target which in my comfort zone but at the same time you want the best and only can pray for the best. -prays hard-

2. Lost weight

(Suddenly typing in Malay) Aku rasa dah banyak kali cakap azam baru nak kurus. To honest I don't bothered much since my BMI is normal. Yeah I checked my BMI and this is the result:

165 cm x 55 kg = 20.2 (Normal weight)
I get a lot people saying I don't need to lost more because I'm already normal or fit. It just upsets me some people viewed me as a fatso so yeah 52 kg will do. 50 kg - 51 kg would get me underweight.


21 Jun 2016

Black and shirts?

T-shirts have always been my forte even we're in 2k16. The amounts of my shirts in wardrobe are uncountable. 

My mom bought couples of them. 

I rock da best with t-shirts especially black. I'm not like other people, it doesn't look gloomy on me. Pft.